Monday, July 09, 2007

I am doing good.

Life can change so instantly. You know we all take things for granted and never sit down and really think about how special life really is. Stress. Yes its a factor but it comes from within cause we think about it and it continues to build up. We do it to ourselves and it totally sucks. I let someone get the best of me today, and I looked into the mirror and said to myself. Stop. Its not going to change the outcome of the day, so why stress about it? Honestly, being in charge of people at work isn't my ideal working. One of my co-workers is pregnant and misses alot of work. Another one has a family member in the hospital and its looking grim. Another is trying to get into school, by all means...I would rather have him continue his education over work. He has just graduated earlier this year ahead of his kid. I would hate to see him throw his life in the slow lane ya know? Hint Hint..I need to go back to school and continue my education. Someday I will.

Another thing, with this flood issue here in my home. It totally devastated me, took a few days but finally hit me harder than a brick wall. I managed to save a few items but I had to turn my back to others I could not. My motto was, if I don't see...I won't miss it. Now I have been busy cleaning closets out and cabinets. Throwing away stuff that I seriously don't need. I mean, what am I going to do with a lid to a candle I burned over a year ago. I have a basket of stuff to be shredded. My Son loves to shred my papers for me. This whole week will be clean, clean, clean and laundry. I cannot seem to go without clean clothes here. Makes me nuts.

I have not been keeping up on the kittens. They are growing in every direction possible. We got rid of one, and now have to take the others to the pound. I know there they will find good homes and what they need. And I need to let a couple others go as well of the big ones. Once Mike gets his place, he is taking a couple of the cats...Yay. Speaking of Mike he's been gone since Saturday. Yes its hard but I am so loving the bed to myself. Let me tell you...whoot. Spreading all over the place....lovin' it!!!!!

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