Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Welcome to my lovely little life. Here I am trying to create new memories and snotty ass people have to make the worst comments on something so tragic and try to turn it into something that its not. Granted its not what the Katrina Victims went thru and now I completely understand exactly what they have and still are going thru with losing all their possessions to a flood/hurricane. I have never once called and NEWSPAPER or TV Station on anything, they have found ME. They want my story on to what happened. They want to know why it happened in my neighborhood where road construction just so happen to be going on at the same time. So now in about 5 minutes, my interview will be on the news. They showed up at my house right before noon today without notice, and yesterday was the newspaper wanting pictures of the basement. I am embarassed to what I have to show the city where I live, exactly what has happened but its the only way to get our points across as to what happened in an area that has never flooded before.

On that morning of July 4th...its a day that I will NEVER forget. My Son was to go to his Dad's for the holiday. I stayed up til' midnight the night before getting all my laundry done. Needless to say, it never got done. All my Son's shorts were in the dryer soaking in the dirty mud water. Yah. Being a Single Mom and working paycheck to paycheck, barely making it. Totally devastated me. I work hard just like the next person.

Monday, July 30, 2007


That is about what describes my weekend. And I am wishing it was last Friday again. Me, Dawn, Nicole, Andrew and Jonathan all went to Adventureland...and had a blast. As usual. Or at least I did. Going anywhere with my friends, means having tons of fun. I think its the idea of getting to spend time with them is what means the most to me.

Now for the fun part, when we arrived at Adventureland. The first thing we did was the Space Shot. Both Dawn and I did it. The kids...were kinda like. ummmm NO. Then we went to the Raging River, if I get things out of order its because I am still half asleep. Went to The OutLaw Roller Coaster...(FUN) and the water ride that shoots down a long hill. We also rode the Dragon, Tornado and watched the kids ride a few rides. We stopped in Newton,IA on the way back to check out the race track there. Pretty cool might I say.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Were having more babies.

Man oh man Robby...you have sure spread your seed. Our Sassy is delivering as I speak. She has had 3 so far. Two black and one White so far. We found Sassy under Jonathan's bed, pushing so it was a "just in time" thing when Mike said...um...where's Sassy? I went in, laid on the floor and there she was...PUSHING. Grrrrrrr.

I bought some Schwans to day.

Yummmm. I got some Confetti Cake Ice Cream, Marsala Chicken with Bowtie pasta, Pink Lemonade and Wild Cherry juice drink, how cool is that. Oh and some vegetables brocolli, carrots, and cauliflower. I know I could buy the stuff cheaper at the store but I got two gallons of ice cream for free. Whoot!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kids and video games.

I am sitting here listening to my Son, throw a fit and call the TV names. I try not to let him play too much due to all the negativity but he's been good.

I am trying to figure out what to have for dinner. Not too sure. My tummy has been hurting all day. Not sure if its nerves or just a plain tummy ache. I dreamt that I missed my doc. appt. today. How ironic is that? When I got there, the doctor was running late by an hour.

My Second Surgery is looming here.

I went for my 6 week check up today, everything is good with my left hand. Now its time for my Right hand. I am nervous because its my dominate hand. I have to start training my left hand, way before my surgery to learn certain things...like bathroom. Writing, and other little things. Then I have to have a MRI done on my knee. When my basement flooded something happened and its been hurting ever since. So this is how my luck goes.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gettin' excited.

Yep, four days and counting. I sure hope it doesn't rain come Friday. I really want to go to Adventureland and enjoy the day with my Son. So far every year its been pretty crappy going up but turns into Sunshine by the time we make it there. I am going to be watching the weather every bit I can. I am going to be taking TONS of pictures again this year. Why? Cause I have to restart most of my memories and might as well start with a New Beginning.

My horoscope.

Today's Leo Horoscope
July 23 - August 22

Trivial matters aren't so trivial today -- you would be wise to look at all the issues of the day deeply, no matter how silly they might seem. You might think that the personal dramas going on around you are irrelevant to your life, but that is not the case. When things blow up between two people, the entire group can be negatively affected. Lines are drawn; sides are taken. So if you sense things getting out of control, take them seriously and try to prevent them from growing.

Isn't that ironic, how it fits me today.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Living on the Edge.

Is what I can say, I did for a very short time. I cannot live like that. Its not my style. I hurt too many people and its not my nature. Right now, there are some things that are sitting in my lap and I really with I could make things different.

Well, I am still working on cleaning this place up. I have a table that is covered with stuff from the basement.

MY GOAL....clear it off and take the table apart and out to the garage.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cleaning out my closets....for monsters...lol.

I started cleaning my closets out today because I felt it was time for me to begin the process of eliminating "junk" in my house. I guess you can say, after the flood I was devastated...well actually still devastated. But I am coping with it with the best attitude possible. I believe it actually made me a better person today. I now believe that if I don't see it, I won't miss it or if I haven't used it within a year then to throw it away or give it to Good Will or something. I cannot believe the drastic change in my bedroom. I have a floor, (not that I didn't before) but I can actually see my hope chest. I forgot how pretty it was. My friend Alysia is going to let me use her steam cleaner so I can do the carpets in there and in my Son's room. I still have sooooo much crap to deal with its not even funny. But I am betting that I can get it done before tomorrow. Even if that means staying up all night just to get it done. Just wish I had more storage ya know?

Now for next friday, its official. My Son and I are driving to Des Moines,IA to Adventureland for the day. Also going is my best friend Dawn and her kids. (I am jumping in my seat). We had such a blast last year that we are going to make it a yearly thing. Taking a couple of coolers of food and drinks, and we will be set to go. Definitely taking the camera to take more pics. as I came across the ones from last year and I loved them. I am getting excited...lol. Well....not gettin' anything done here now so off to cleaning still. It actually feels good to throw crap away....lol.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Seriously any more bad news?

Now that I officially jinxed myself. I was all hyped up about paying for our trip to Adventureland when I arrived at Daycare to find a sign that says...all seats are full. I was sooooo pissed. Its the one time a year, I get to spend an entire day with my Son at a fun place. AND IT'S FULL. A$$holes. I couldn't afford to pay til' today. So now, here I am sitting here thinking about I can spend the day with my Son doing something fun. One thought I had was to go ahead and drive there myself in my Van. I mean after all it was only a chartered bus with movies, breakfast and other fun things to do. Maybe its better to just go by ourselves in my vehicle, leave when we want and do whatever we want. I was going to spend at least $80 for our spots, well its only about $40 for us to get in, and I would spend about $40 for gas...at least. So either way it will work out. If I do decide to do this, I need a oil change. I might go and do that now that way its out of the way. I've been neglecting the oil...oops.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I finally lost it.

Two weeks ago today, I lost everything in my basement. Today the city is here to pick up what was ruined. I went back there and apologized to the gentlemen because there were 4 of them throwing my stuff away. The moment I lost it was when they picked up a picture of my niece and just threw it away. My Heart is officially broken beyond repair right now. I don't know how much more I can take from dealing with all of this and how my Son is going to react seeing his stuff gone. In a way, I felt close to my ruined stuff with it in the back but now that its going to be taken to some landfill somewhere, where my memories are going to be buried along with the others that were affected it got me good today. Right at this very moment I have alot of bad feelings building up inside of me and I want my memories back. I would give anything to have them back. Anything....I have been praying everyday that a miracle would happen. But my heart is broken right now and I feel sooooo lost. Lost.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wanting to go on Vacation?

I am still thinking about a vacation more than ever right now due to the fact of everything going on. Especially now since school will be starting here in about a month, it would be a good time to go. Thinking of places to go Portugal is one place that is beautiful.

With all the food and attractions, I am sure there is plenty to do and enjoy. I have heard plenty about Lisbon while in school and its always intrigued me to check out that city. Its amazing how much you do remember about school when your older....lol. I am still the type of person that requires a Pool at the hotel I am staying at. Something about the water and enjoying life carefree is what vacation is about.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Imagine living this messed up life.

I have been living since July 4th. A day when everyone should be celebrating our freedom and enjoying family. I only got to enjoy one of those amenities. My Parents stopped by to help and emotional support to everything I lost due to the citys/contractors neglect of the storm drain. I spent my entire day, wading thru 3 feet of water in my basement, hurting my knees in the process, even though I just had surgery on June 12th for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Yes I moved items that were extremely heavy, it hurt...my hand hurt for days afterwards. Why were these items heavy? They were waterlogged. Plastic totes that filled up with water to the brim. Yet everyone thinks that plastic totes are perfect in case it floods. But when you get the amount I rec'd. It doesn't help one bit. I had the newspaper get in touch with me about my basement in which ended up on the front page of the newspaper as the top headline. Because of that write up, 53 people have filed claims against the city. Tuesday night is a Council Meeting and I am going. I printed out all my pictures that I taken the day of the flood and the aftermath of the mess. My landlord lost her furnace and hot water heater. In which the city can replace those items, I lost sentimental items and other collectibles in which cannot be replaced. For instance baby pictures, baby clothes, art work from my Son from pre-school, Yearbooks, and birth certificates.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday's here.

I am wishing it was next Friday already. My first weekend of peace and quiet. I hope. I am already frustrated just sitting here.

I am not going to post too much as there are things going on that is too much for me to post about yet.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Light in my life...

And I am seeing it...whoot. Can't really tell or say too much as I always jinx myself with everything I do. I do know that Jonathan and I are going to Adventureland this year. I am so excited, it was looking grim for a little while here with our flood and stuff. I guess there is no better way to start the beginning of our memories again with our annual trip to Adventureland with his daycare. He goes with his Dad as well but it seems more special when we go together. I guess you can say with me being a single Mom, he still loves me. I give him a couple of years before he tells me he hates me and all. He's only ten, I still want to enjoy the kid side of him before he grows up. We all know when the teenager thing hits, all hell breaks loose.

Well gotta finish getting ready for work, and him for day camp. He's having a blast.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One way to tell your a Diehard Nascar Fan...

Is when your driving down the road, and hear a funny noise on your tire and you go side to side really fast with your steering wheel to clean your wheels off. Dude I so seriously did that this morning. Was just driving along, heard an annoying noise and I turned my wheels back and forth really fast and it stopped....lol.

I could not believe I did that. But I did. My Son had a blast with me doing that of course. He also had a blast at camp, I am so happy he is going this week. With everything happening around here its nice to keep his mind off what is going on.

I am trying my darnest to get this house organized. Its been making me nuts with how messy it is. But at least it smells so nice in here. No more musty smell from the dungeon. I just need to go vacuum like really bad right now. And get things ready for tomorrow. I like having being prepared and not rushing around in the mornings.

Not sure if this appropriate but we are in need of a prayer for a friend of mine, his kids' Grandpa is in the hospital and its not looking good. So if you can say a prayer that would be wonderful.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Its enough for me to have a panic attack. I totally freaked out and ran to the basement. The Power WENT OUT ON ME. So here I am searching for matches/lighter or something....too bad I don't smoke...dammit. I decided with about 3 minutes without lights to search when they came back on...lol. And low and behold...they only flickr'd again. Stupid weather.

I can tell its bedtime, my babies are sitting here waiting for me to go to bed. Such cuties and smarties too. They all sleep on one side of the bed...or right next to me.

I am doing good.

Life can change so instantly. You know we all take things for granted and never sit down and really think about how special life really is. Stress. Yes its a factor but it comes from within cause we think about it and it continues to build up. We do it to ourselves and it totally sucks. I let someone get the best of me today, and I looked into the mirror and said to myself. Stop. Its not going to change the outcome of the day, so why stress about it? Honestly, being in charge of people at work isn't my ideal working. One of my co-workers is pregnant and misses alot of work. Another one has a family member in the hospital and its looking grim. Another is trying to get into school, by all means...I would rather have him continue his education over work. He has just graduated earlier this year ahead of his class...smart kid. I would hate to see him throw his life in the slow lane ya know? Hint Hint..I need to go back to school and continue my education. Someday I will.

Another thing, with this flood issue here in my home. It totally devastated me, took a few days but finally hit me harder than a brick wall. I managed to save a few items but I had to turn my back to others I could not. My motto was, if I don't see...I won't miss it. Now I have been busy cleaning closets out and cabinets. Throwing away stuff that I seriously don't need. I mean, what am I going to do with a lid to a candle I burned over a year ago. I have a basket of stuff to be shredded. My Son loves to shred my papers for me. This whole week will be clean, clean, clean and laundry. I cannot seem to go without clean clothes here. Makes me nuts.

I have not been keeping up on the kittens. They are growing in every direction possible. We got rid of one, and now have to take the others to the pound. I know there they will find good homes and what they need. And I need to let a couple others go as well of the big ones. Once Mike gets his place, he is taking a couple of the cats...Yay. Speaking of Mike he's been gone since Saturday. Yes its hard but I am so loving the bed to myself. Let me tell you...whoot. Spreading all over the place....lovin' it!!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Strawflower growing out of the crack.

Strawflower growing out of the crack.
Originally uploaded by mylilpook97.

I am still amazed at how this one plant grew out of the crack in the cement...Its soo pretty too.

Trying to get back into the norm...

But will see. Tomorrow is my Son's first day of Cub Scout camp....he is stoked. So am I. I want him to be involved with all his Cub Scouting events, especially day camp. Hopefully the weather holds out and they do alot of fun stuff. He just got home from his Dad's....they went to Mall of America on Friday and just now got home at 10pm at night. assssssss. Not my Son but his POS Father. He wanted to keep him but heck no...I paid for his camp...by golly I am not about to waste my hard earned money.

But we still have to get his lunch packed and his a bath. Pretty sad, he doesn't remember the last time he had a bath. Hello??? He's been gone since Weds., and yes he needs to be reminded to take a bath...he's at that age of...I am not dirty Mom...with layers of dirt stuck to the bottom of his feet. And a ring of ice cream around his mouth, chocolate at that. Yeah I know my Son...I do let him be a kid and get dirty. So hope everyone has a good night!!!

I must of been really tired.

Cause I fell asleep during the freaking Nascar Race, so I didn't get to see the veryclose finish. Man oh man. I also missed 6 calls. What was I thinking? So what time do I wake up this morning?? OHHH 6AM....cause the kitties are hyper as crap and hungry. So I wake up, put a movie in...The Messengers...pretty good show. Wasn't scared one bit...MOM...your a wuss. Just now got out of the shower, did my hair and doing a little bit of cleaning here and there. Taking my time. I am in no hurry to get it clean. Its amazing the transition has been pretty easy. Well, I am off the computer for the day. I am going to explore my house and see what I can throw away....lol

Friday, July 06, 2007

I had the worst day.

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse. I have a Landlord who is two-faced. I admit I have alot of JUNK/Memories and stuff. Like most normal people who save their pictures of their kids and other sentimental stuff. Ok. When I say I lost everything. I no longer have a history of my Son, his baby pictures absolutely NOTHING left. I also no longer have a pair of tennis shoes because the landlord thought it was my responsibility to clean the basement myself. Ok...I fell and hurt myself in the mud in the process ripped my shoes apart. So there goes my only pair of shoes. But in the end...I broke down and lost all emotions with my landlord. I called my Mom, then the Police. She started throwing away the personal items I salvaged from the flood. Also told me that I need to rent a storage unit for all my junk....and one person should not have this much stuff. Blah, Blah. What right does have to say how much stuff one person should have??? I mean seriously. I understand, she lost her furnace, and hot water heater. Ok those things can be replaced. I lost 15 years of my life, plus my washer and dryer. I can't replace my losing all my personal stuff, I can just start rebuilding. She told me, that I need to get rid of all my stuff and keep my memories in my head.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Its Crunch Time biatches.

YAH YAH YAH....I just found out more of my neighbors were flooded as well. WHOOT! Soooooooo, the news of the day is that now we can definitely go after the Construction Company. I told my neighbors a block away who to call and to get their information started so maybe it will get the fire started under their butts. And we all can get our stuff replaced. Please, Please, Please!!!!

Calm before the storm....persay.

I already went downstairs to start removing all my clothes from the washer and dryer....its totally weird pulling dripping wet clothes out of a dryer. I am doing laundry early this morning to get it out of the way. So I can focus cleaning ahead. So hopefully I can update later.

*Got all the laundry out, in bags and ready to go. Pulled everything imaginable. Now I am about to head to the laundry mat to get it all clean. Crap...forgot bleach. Gonna needs lots of that.

As I just bought myself some new socks, pretty white ones too. I mean they were only $3.96 at Wallllmart but still its the idea that I just bought them. Same with my undergarments they were all white. Now they are a purty tan color. Blach!!!

It smells so bad in my basement, I can't wait to make some phone calls. Oh wait, f*ck the phone I am going in person because I want to know. Someone told me to take someone with me incase I get arrested. I said, well...I can't. They will get arrested too for how upset I am. Sad uh?

I actually laid in bed last night, cried myself to sleep and tried to have a good dream. But it didn't work. Its amazing what your mind does when you try to do something positive. I dreamt I was being washed away in a flood. So my dear friends, I am off to see the wizard...I mean laundry mat. (Doing the Simpsons "DOH")

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I cannot place the correct words here.

Total loss, everything sentimental is gone. Preschool pics from my Son, GONE. Actual art work, that I saved...gone. Here I am a Single Mom, and all my Son's toys are gone. I can't replace them. I feel like the worst Mother ever. All my clothes are ruined by the sludge. My washer and dryer that I bought on my own, GONE. I wish I knew where to turn for help, well my first call is going to the City in the morning....there is road construction 25 feet from my house. I overheard the workers saying there was sand from the hole in the storm drain in which caused the backup. If that is the case....I guess. The real Inner Me is going to snap and alot of people aren't going to like me.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I sure hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July, its a well deserved day off. I just didn't get to spend it the way I wanted too. As you see from the picture this is how my day went and I just may have to go to the ER as my can't bend my knee. Its very painful at the moment. Trying to rest as much as possible.

A Fourth of July I will never forget.

Why? Because of the enormous amount of rain rec'd overnight the sewer system couldn't handled all of it and it backed up in my basement along with several of my neighbors houses too. My Son is to go to his Fathers today, well my Son now has NO clothes...Why? Because I stayed up late last night doing laundry and left it in the dryer, Right now I am soooo irritated its not even funny. Every thing I own, memories and other stuff is GONE. You read that ....GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Here it is 5:48pm and I haven't gotten supper started. What is wrong with me? Well, the cauliflower isn't gonna cut itself.

I didn't forget....

Yesterday was my Nephew Kylin's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Little Man, your growing up way tooo fast! I am sorry I couldn't make it, I will make it up to you and I promise, Jonathan says HI too and Happy birthday!!!

It was also my Cats 2nd Birthday, Callie, Sinatra, Peanut and Sassy Girl!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beginning of a New Week.

Begins with a smile, and this little girl will be doing alot of it here. I am going to stay positive and strong for myself and my Son. My Son's Father is being an asshole. I can only hope he gets sea sickness on his precious little cruise. Karma is a bitch, and it will come around and get him in the end. That is ok, because I know in my heart that I am better than him. At least I think of our Son before myself. I make sure he is taken care of and has food in his little belly. I do take things for granted, and I shouldn't. I have definitely learned alot in these past couple of weeks.

Like the use my of hands, please protect them. Because once you lose function of at least one....you feel helpless. I love my hands...love love love!!!!!

On another note, I've been busy with the yard. Making it look purty with the mulch along the fence, pulling the huge weeds, trimming the garden itself and just making it look nice. I am off for bed, I have to hand sew some things before bed. Grrrr. I need a sewing machine like soooooo bad.