Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yep...that's it.

I am just sitting here and chilling like a ....Mom usually does on her day off with her kid/kids. Went hiking....if you wanna call it that. I really can't do too much still. We went to Wild Cat Den to check out the park and the Mill. I didn't know you could actually go swimming in the river/creek by the Mill. I posted pics on my Flickr because it was really cool. I also posted a bunch of pics of my flowers and stuff for a friend as well. I work with him and he has a beautiful yard as well. Soo, now I am waiting for Mike's kids to leave. Obviously their Mother doesn't listen as Mike said to come and get them about 430 and she took it as when ever she wanted. I am the type of person, its my house and its invading my time. I don't want to share my life anymore with anyone. I much rather have it be just Jonathan and me. I don't know why I am feeling this way, maybe just tired of having to share MY stuff period? Am I being selfish? Right now...I don't care anymore. Just tired of it.

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