Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Working for that moneyyyy.

Yep I sure am. I working so hard that since Jonathan is at his Dad's I am trying my darnest to work as much as possible. I have some major bills coming up and would like to be able to pay them ya know? I can't believe I worked from 6:30am to 3:30 today and came home. Did all the dishes...and yes I had alot because we weren't home to do them all week. And yes Mike is lazy when it comes to dishes. I got my desk all straightened up, now comes time to get all around the desk picked up. But I have clothes to get folded right quick here. See, I am working on getting my house all spic and span before Tuesday. With my surgery coming up, I will not be able to use my hand for 6 that is gonna be tough. So I need to make sure all the big and pain the as$ stuff is done, put away. I don't plan on having a day off til' my surgery. CAAAAAUUUSSSSE...I really really want one but don't see a reason til. I scrubbed the counter top...(thanks peanut) and disinfected it with some antibacterial soap. Cleaned the stove better than before. Tomorrow night is the bathroom and the rest of the laundry. I am working on the living room here in a minute.

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