Friday, June 15, 2007

Remind me not to eat things I crave.

As it tends to be greasy foods and my tummy isn't up for greasy foods yet.

The kittens are gettin' big, they are 5 weeks tomorrow. They are already using the potty and eating real kitty food. I am proud of these little munchkins. They just love the kitty box, like a sandbox for kids.

My garden....needs lots of water but I did see that one of my Calla Lillies that didn't bloom last year is blooming. Whoot!!!!!! So excited. Didn't think it would ever bloom again. I killed my Canna...oh well. An excuse for a new one?

My hand is still attached, I haven't removed it yet due to the numbness. But it will go away...I am reassuring myself. Also been doing Physical Therapy as during the surgery they did cut a main muscle/tendon whatever they cut that actually limits your hand usuage. I will however regain all hand functions. They say there is a chance of losing hand function well, I will be the one that won't. I was told today that I am a Strong Woman. Yah ok....

Well, its not my weekend of choice as the kids are going to be here. I am not really up for having kids here. So hopefully I am not the biggest witch this weekend.

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