Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reflecting on the Quad City AirShow.

I can actually say it was the best year yet. The show itself wasn't the greatest because of the weather persay but it made an impact on my Son's life. I volunteer every year at the airshow and always get into the Chalet areas. In other words, unless you work for a major company, know the pilots, or have a lot of money you can get in there. I have known of these but volunteering gets you involved with the Chalet tents and they always have a tent for the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and Snowbirds. Well this year was the year for the Thunderbirds. Yay! And guess what Chalet I was put in too??? Yep you got it the Thunderbirds. Awesome because their crew comes to the Chalet for food and drinks. I am their Chaperone while they are there. I make sure they are taken care of. But this year was extra special. I had my Son with me gentleman in particular TSgt. Rob Thompson NCOIC, Communications went and sat down with my Son and had a one on one with him. It brought me to tears. To see my Son shake his hand and talk with him. It was absolutely amazing. Now granted my Son isn't a picture person he was mad I made him take his picture with him.

He was mad at me....but in this photo he was fine. He got to hang out with SSgt. Joshua Gray and TSgt. Justin Pyle. He thought that was even better.

So as you can see, we had a great weekend. I will forever cherish this weekend as my Son got to meet our Congressman as well. I know lots of blah blah. Oh well, tomorrow is his last hour of school. He's excited and so am I. Means I can work more. Whoot!

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TSgt Rob Thompson said...

It was an honor to meet you and your son, CrazeeMommee!

Best of luck to you and your son in the future!

TSgt Rob Thompson
USAFADS Thunderbirds