Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One week post surgery.

And for some reason in which I know I am a total duh. I used my left hand today. So now...I am sitting here feeling uncomfortable. I have this sharp pain in my hand at the surgical site. Right where my life line is. I also have swelling in my hand by my thumb area. Right now I have the wrap and bandage off for some air cause it was really hurting with it on. I can't wait til' the stitches come out next Tuesday. Most injuries which are minor the stitches stay in for about a week or so. Mine was deep enough for 2 weeks. Also found the site where they stuck me with the freakin' needle to numb my hand. Its sore at that site as well. Well, not much else goin' on going to rest for a bit. Its been a busy day.

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