Monday, June 18, 2007

My brain totally went blank.

I really want to thank my dearest friend Alysia for last Tuesday. Her and Mike went with me to my surgery. She didn't have too but I think she just wanted to be off with the weather being such a pain in the beeehind. Right after we got home, I went into the bedroom grabbed my pillows and blanket and went to the couch. I laid down, and woke up to them cooking. The messed up part is they could of went into the bedroom and did whatever and I didn't give a rats butt onto what went off after my lying down. Anyway, Ms. Alysia made arrachera meat on tacos. OMG. It was awesome. I've been craving it now since I had it. Soooo tomorrow, I might end up buying some meat and making some tomorrow night. It sounds sooo delicious right now. I think I convinced myself to make it Yep gonna cook it on the grill. With corn taco shells and flour of course.

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Toni said...

Bad bad girl heartburn city .. lol.. sounds good though .. might have to try it sometime. hope you feel better love you lots Mom..