Friday, June 01, 2007

Its Friday!!!!

Yep, the day before the air show and I am stoked. Last night my Son and I went out to the Airport and watched the Thunderbirds unload the big Air Force Jet. OMG, it was huge. I love the jets like the F-16's F-15's and of course Fat Albert from the Blue Angels. I can't get enough of these things.

And tonight is a very special night for me. My Best Friend from junior high/high school is getting married. I am so excited for her. Even though we had talked about being in each other's weddings, we had lost contact and she had tried to find me but I have changed my number due to personal reasons. So tonight, she asked me to be there and that it would mean the world to her if I was there. And I have to be there as another member of our little group just got divorced last fall and is having a rough time handling it. So with me already gone thru both the wedding and divorce, I will be there for two of my bestest friends. I can't wait. I am excited as can be. I will be posting pictures as well. Oh and I forgot to mention my friend who is getting married her Dad is our CongressMan Phil Hare. Its weird saying that as I've known him for 20 years. Its amazing its been that long and how far he has come in his Profession. I did a search on him the other day and it totally freaked me out to see my friend Amy's name in the wikipedia search page. Wow!!!! I love it. I have to go to the HallMark store sometime today and get her a card. I know there is nothing in this world that I can buy her for their marriage tonight to show my appreciation and friendship on how much she means to me. Our friendship will forever be PRICELESS!

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