Monday, June 04, 2007

It hurts.

I bought my washer and dryer about 6 years ago....I think. Well, I didn't use my dryer for 3 of those years due to my being homeless. Well just now I was down in the dungeon and turned the pretty baby on and its making noises. MAN OH MAN. I was hoping to buy a new set come income tax time next year but its looking grim. I am due my Ex's income tax for past due child support anytime now. So I was thinking I could use part of that for a new dryer. I mean it is for our Son's clothes so I guess it passes on what I can use Child Support for. Next to buying him a actual dresser too in which he so badly needs. I also thought about getting him a new bed, I mean everything brand new mattress too cause the set he has now is getting old, stained and My Son deserves nice stuff too. His Dad said he could use the set he has now for his place and I might as well keep it with my Son. Right now he is sleeping on a Futon bed and we all know those are uncomfortable as heck.

Well, I am off to bed....I have a busy day tomorrow. Too much to complain about on here.

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