Sunday, June 24, 2007

I have been a roller coaster of emotions today.

Last night I stayed out pretty late, no biggie but when I came home I was full of energy....but at 1 in the one else is. So by the time 3am came around I finally fell asleep but then woke up early. I had a blast last night with my friend Dawn....ended up getting chlorine in my stitches and it totally burned. But then waking up and reading my Mom's blog it really irritated me on how selfish my Sister is being. One day she will realize the world isn't just about her and her selfishness. So I went and found that video from Tim McGraw, Live like you Were Dying and to me that was my reality check. We all can't live for everyone else but for ourselves. We have to please ourself and be happy with ones self. I truly believe it will come to my Sister one day, I just hope it won't be too late. I pray she will realize there is more to life than the materialistic things, new house, new car, name brand clothes, being extra picky when the kids get dirty. I mean all those things you can replace but the one thing you can't replace is ones mind, body and soul. Its within ourselves to be happy and to not let anyone make you feel stressed or unhappy. Find your happiness, and don't let anyone else bring you down. After last night coming home, I of course got yelled at for coming home late. I calmly reminded him, that he has done it...I never go out. I am a human being that deserves fun as well. I don't have my Son every other weekend and sometimes a little girl fun is needed to bring one to a happy medium. Granted it wasn't the most positive experience but it was nice to get away. Spending time with Dawn was awesome. She is one of the people in my life that brings me to my happy medium, and I am glad to get to spend some time with her.

Now for Alysia, I am sure she is upset with me. As my phone wasn't getting any reception where I was at. Oh well, I can't anyone bring me down anymore.

Two more days and the stitches come out...WHOOOOOTTTTT!!! I can't frucking wait.

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