Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am posting from the Isle of Capri.

I am with my friend Dawn at the Isle just spending some time with her and Levi. Its not everyday that I get to spend time with her. Its been since May 24th since I've seen her. With our schedules and working its almost impossible to make time for our kids to hang out anymore. Someday it will happen again. We were gonna go to the hot tub but it seems half the Quad Cities is here swimming or in the hot tub. OH well, theres more to life than the pool or hot I can hear Levi playing with the other two kids that are here waiting to go swimmin'

I really wish I could speak my mind on here but I know its limited. Blah. Hitch is on TV on TBS...I like Will Smith as an actor. But anyhoo, I better get off here but then again everyone is playing with games on their cell phones. Mine

Well Dawn is telling a story about I gotta go listen.

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