Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Weather Sucks Asphalt....

Today was like really, really hot and for once, being at work was the pits. Being in direct sunlight isn't very nice either so today we took a nice long lunch and went swimming now that I am free from my bandages. Whoot! After swimming for about an hour we went back to work of course and sweated our patooteys off. Now I am home and just friggin' tired and hungry. Ready for a nap or two. I am enjoying some good old-fashion iced tea and cooking some chicken breasts along with Kraft Mac N Cheese. Gotta find a veggie to go with it. I am actually freezing in my house. My fingers on both hands are frozen. I will probably end up sicker than a dog from being in the heat then freezing temps in my house. I love central air, god forbid it ever goes out. I will die.....literally. Well I hear my chicken sizzling. I better tend to the stove.

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