Sunday, June 10, 2007

Having a Party.

Yep, Jonathan is going to be 10 years old tomorrow morning at 4:09am Exactly 10 years ago on this date I was sitting on the Rock River in Rockford,IL. eating a egg salad sandwich with tuna. While my Son's Father was fishing with his buddy. I was uncomfortable with this agonizing back pain and the pains of having to go bathroom. Little did I know I was actually in labor. I didn't know, had too many false alarms. Well, about 1:30 in the morning I had pressure and felt like I had to go number 2. SO I went and woke up his Dad to take me to the hospital. He started rubbing my back and said to go back to bed. I said ummm no it don't feel right. SO he got up, took his time and I grabbed my bag. He brought the extra sandwiches he made....thank god he did cause I was hungry later. So I walked up to L&D, the lady goes..lets go into a room. I got up on the bed, she went to check me and said..oh wow. Here goes your bag of waters...It felt soooo good and I was like..I can go home. She goes um...NO, your dialated to 9 and your gonna have a baby. Well at 2:17 my water broke and at 4:09am he was born. I called my Mom and she was like, come you sound soo good. Well after pushing a 9lb. 7oz baby out you would too.

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