Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't judge for what I have done but for what I will become.

And that is the moral of my story. I have done some awful things in my past that I am so ashamed of. I wish I could change the past but it has shaped my future. I have regained some friendships in which I thought I would never find again. For instance my friend Amy and Colleen. We all went to Jordan Catholic School together and lost contact after school. By fate, I lost my drivers license and went to the facility and Amy just so happen to be the one to be there. I am glad to of been at her wedding and see two of the most special people in my life and spending her most precious time with her. But sitting there and watching these two look into each others eyes. I know I will never be in that position. Why? Cause to me that is commitment and that is something I don't want. Sucks to be me uh?

Well onto other things, just took my bath in which wears me out. For my surgery if you don't understand what I am going thru I will simply put it like this. Take your hand...wrap it up and tape it to your side where you cannot use it. Let's see how frustrated you get while trying to do something simple like brushing your hair. Or eating a taco, ( haven't done that myself but a hamburger is just as hard) its amazing how much you use both of your hands until the moment comes and your stuck with just one. I still can't open a can of pop. Which is good cause I don't need Here is a pic of my hand as of yesterday. Its beginning to bruise, today is worse cause I did something. But the incision is in the lifeline itself and only about 2 inches long. Compared to surgeries in the past.....for this type I got lucky.

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