Monday, June 04, 2007

Alright, I am fine.

I will be ok. I decided tonight that I was going to go ahead and get Jonathan's gift for his Birthday. Its not much but more that what he is expecting. Just gonna have a little party for him this Sunday, I still have to let people know. Was gonna have it the following weekend but not sure on how I am going to be feeling. I figure around 5pm on Sunday June 10th, just a small party with Cake and Ice Cream here at my house outside in the back. I might get some chips and hot dogs nothing big as I am not rich so I can't afford more stuff. For what he wants for his birthday is hard to say because he doesn't ask for much and for what I got him he is going to love. But I got him this for his Birthday. I had earned just enough from my PayPerPost to buy this from the posting I've done and gotten paid for this past week. I can honestly say, its free money for a short amount of time posting on my blog. Makes me happy, using unexpected money for a MUST have for my wonderful Son.

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