Sunday, May 27, 2007


Its Sunday, and I am supposed to be at work. BUT I didn't feel like going in today. I really wanted a day to clean my house. WHICH I never get. And I am wanting to get it done before June 12th. Yeah. I know its a couple weeks away but I am trying to think ahead here. My house has been neglected for a week or so. I finally got ALL the laundry out of my room and in their proper baskets. Some to be put away and some to be washed. Then I am going to go outside and get the rest of my flowers to be planted...planted. I might also go buy some more. I just have this need to buy flowers. I am still trying to figure out where I got this from in my family. I know not my Mom or Dad. I will say, I do have a awesome green thumb. Well, just sittinghere isn't getting anything done....blech!!!!

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