Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I can't believe its almost 10 o'clock at night and I am so not ready for bed. I've been running all over, getting kitty food, kitty milk, Jonathan's Neckerchif clip and belt for cub scouts. I went to the cell phone place today and talked about my phone and why its not working properly...I guess its a defect well the phone is no longer covered by warranty so. I sat down and tried to figure out the cheapest way out of buying a new phone and a new number. Not sure if I can even do it.

I did make it to Targeeet to get some laundry soap, fabric softener, and some body powder. A friend suggested that since we get soooo hot at work that there is some body powder that helps keep you dry. Well, I need that. I work up such a sweat that I am tired of looking like a wet rag doll everyday. So if it works...then I'd be happy.

Alright enough is enough...I need to hit the sack my butt is tired. I have a busy day tomorrow. We have 2 new people starting and I get to train the new ladies. So now we have Alysia, Nicole, Mike, Kelly and Sherry working under me. We are going to kick butt and get alot of work done tomorrow. I am so excited. We now have enough people to spread out, and we are going to work as teams...It works better for some reason. And gonna get most of the shrubs on the tables. Organize them out in front for the customers...and voila'.....

I forgot to mention, today while at work. We had a customer who didn't see a cart behind her and she went to turn around and she trip. She hit her head right by her eye and split it open. OMG, I bout died. I took off running over to her, she sat up but I told her to go slow and if she felt dizzy to let me know. She was crying, she got her shin...ouch. and her knee in which she has an implant. I am still worried about her. I sure hope she went to the doctor because I still think he needed stitches by her eye. The funny part was, I was telling someone what to do when it happened. I stopped, ran to the person in need and my co-worker turned around and I was gone. She goes...where is Christie??? I guess its the First Aid classes I took and training I had that I knew it was needed.

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