Friday, May 11, 2007

June 12th.....ughhh!!!'s the deal. On June 12th. I am having my left hand done. I asked if I can still work. I can but will of course have limitations. No working with my left hand for 6 weeks. I am sure I can do it. I hope. Please I hope. Since now at my job we are hiring 3-4 more people. Whoot! And guess who has that job.....ME. Yay. I have a responsibility...hiring dependable and reliable people to work under me. Starting tomorrow, we have two new people starting so I get to train them. The two people starting will go to our Davenport store. So I hope they work out ok but with us looking for at least 2 more people, I have one possible and looking for another. I have learned to find people with good track records on their jobs, attendance records, and a good workmanship. Its not hard to do but can be frustrating with stupid people who keep messing up your work. Well I so need a shower right now.

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