Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm scared.

On Monday I have to go the doctor for a Nerve Test called Electromyogram to detect how bad my carpal tunnel is. He already scheduled my surgery for my hands. I am seriously scared. I am just curious on how, why and when this happened. I mean I was fine in January and February. But one day in March it started with a sore arm then gradually went to total numbness in both my hands and the pain is horrendous. I can't hold my phone without my hands going completely numb. Driving is even worse, I drive with one hand on the wheel and switch off between hands because of it going numb. Like right now, my hands are killing me sitting here trying to type. One thing, I have to notify my job to see if I qualify for workmens comp., if so I hope it helps out as I am afraid of losing my Van. And all my bills. It totally scares me. The chances of the surgery NOT working is what really scares me and leaving me with total nerve damage and losing the use of my hands. So its something I am thinking about seriously and taking it step by step. The Nurse told me about the testing the nerve part and frankly that scares me even more. Needles + Blood = PAIN LOL. Not sure when I will get the results if its that day or at the doc office, I guess I will see.

Well I am completely worn out, I worked all day and came home and played in the garden for like 3 hours. WOW, where did my time go?

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