Monday, May 14, 2007


Not too much going on, went to my Nerve Test today with my Doc. I wish I could say the news was good but its not. It was confirmed today that I have severe carpal tunnel in my left hand and between moderate/severe carpal tunnel in my right. The test itself was ok, the electricity pulses they send threw your nerves really didn't hurt. It was the needle itself that he put into the muscle of my hand in the palm of my hand is what hurt. He is dumbfounded on how fast my carpal tunnel progressed. Especially with my age, he doesn't understand how it happened. So on June 12th, Dr. V will be performing the surgery on my left hand. I am going to wait on the right hand. Why? Because I need something to be able to write, eat, and other things with while I heal. I can honestly say, I have not been as scared as I was today when the doc. told me about my hands. People take their hands for granted, and yes we use them for everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING. The best advice I have for anyone is to, be careful on what you do with your hands and treat them like gold. Cause someday, something like this can happen and bam, you start dropping things, you can't hold your phone to talk, you can't drive, and the pain that wakes you up at night isn't fun either. The medicine my doc. prescribed doesn't help with the pain.

Onto my Callie girl, her babies are thriving very well. I am still holding off taking pictures of the babies still. Callie is still having a rough time, she got sick this morning but is doing 10 times better now. If she does get sick again, I am taking her to the VET. not going to take that chance with my Princess. I think I am going to go spend more time with her here. I really think she likes me sitting with her and rubbing her tummy and back.

As for work....I am done. I don't know if I can take any more stress.

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Toni said...

Well if you need me let me know I will be there for you ,, got some good news tonight will tell you when I talk to you next.