Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cause ya had a bad day!!

I think I had the roughest day of my life at my job. I am overstressing myself and I shouldn't. See I work as a vendor thru one of our hardware stores, which is a major store nationwide. Well, there were only three of us to begin with and had three new people starting. The District Manager comes in and starts lying about what we are doing, for instance that we ALL take breaks together and go smoke. First off....we don't smoke. That is the funny part. He felt stupid. Secondly, the three new people JUST started as well. So that was something else that was funny, cause to begin with it was only the three of us and only two of us would be left working. I need to get myself focused on a new outlook on work and just focus on the job itself, forget the people who try to make it hard on us and do the best we can. I am going to make a up task list for each of my employees to work on so we can work together but also work and get ALOT more done at once.

There was a ***** employee that started to whine about how she had to work on Mother's Day and that someone should of been there. You can't explain to someone who doesn't want to listen that I make my own hours of when I want to work. Why??? Cause she's jealous. OH WELL. Then trying to explain to her that I have to drive half way across the state of Iowa to go pick up my Son from his Fathers on Mother's Day isn't my ideal of fun. OH and I did work the day before so she can go blow a big one for all that I care. Can ya tell I am stressing here??

Ok....I am going to go eat and relax and think about the coming weekend. I am NOT working. They can kiss my tutu.

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